Research Protocols

Observational Studies

The Center for Translational Medicine is preparing or conducting studies and adaptive clinical trials aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of combat veterans.

  • An Unblinded Crossover Study of The Use of Whole-Body Periodic Acceleration Therapy To Treat Pain, Stiffness, Abnormal Gait and Balance: ascertain if whole-body periodic acceleration (WBPA) provides symptomatic relief of pain, stiffness, and abnormal gait and balance. (This protocol has been submitted to the Western Institutional Review Board for review.)
  • Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG): ascertain if qEEG can establish a characteristic pattern for the injurious effects of blast concussions from IEDs that differs from PTSD and other neuropsychiatric disorders. (CTM has partnered with New York University to conduct a preliminary study.)
  • Referenced electroencephalography (rEEG): ascertain if the qEEG referenced to a database of EEGs correlated with psychotropic medications can improve prescribing patterns and treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): ascertain if HBOT provided at the concentrations of 1.5 atmospheres over 40 sessions improves the symptoms of blast concussions, with our without the presence of PTSD or other neuropsychiatric conditions. The CareVector PlatformTM (CVP) supports the National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation Clinical Trials (NBIRR-01) for the treatment of blast concussion.
  • Cranial electrostimulation: ascertain if a pulsed, low-intensity alternating current to the earlobes or temples through electrodes (cranial electrostimulation) improves the symptoms of PTSD, sleep disturbance, and associated neuropsychiatric conditions.
  • Chronic Infection and Inflammation: ascertain if chronic infections and associated inflammatory conditions are commonly associated with neuropsychiatric conditions suffered by combat veterans, and if treatment for these conditions improves mental state and quality of life.


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