Center for Translational Medicine (CTM)

The CTM is a nonprofit clinical research organization that can test promising treatments and improve the healthcare for warriors and their families.

It conducts open-label testing and adaptive clinical trials of the treatment options available to veterans and other patients for chronic conditions. The testing constitutes the fully integrated components of translational medical practice and the provision of the latest medical technologies. The treatments and studies follow systematic and disciplined processes of collecting clinical information, collating data, and formulating treatment recommendations.

Treatment and testing are supported by a knowledge platform with a personalized database of each patient. The platform factors the relevant clinical data into a continuous process of analysis. Data is presented to patients to improve the quality of care and selection of treatments. The aggregate analysis of the patient characteristics, selection of treatments, measurements of outcomes, and recording of side effects comprise a comprehensive analysis of the efficacy and utility of the target treatment and/or device.

A dedicated team of statisticians applies Bayesian statistical analysis and other appropriate tools in supporting adaptive clinical trials. Bayesian statistics is a statistical theory and approach to data analysis that provides a coherent method for learning from evidence as it accumulates. The Bayesian approach uses a consistent, mathematically formal method called Bayes’ Theorem for combining prior information with current information on a quantity of interest.

The founders believe that traditional clinical practices and research have become too limiting in vision and restrictive. They fall short in providing optimal care to combat veterans. The current state of medical care conforms too closely to the contours of specialty-based care and fails to adequately coordinate and integrate diagnosis and treatment. We endorse and comprehensive holistic approach that covers the full spectrum of the problems the veterans suffer. We also recognize that each of the conditions individually and collectively contribute to the symptoms, changes in mental state, and impairments and quality of life that these men and women suffer. All too often patients are over-medicated with the “latest and greatest” drug, and come to treatment suffering with their illness and the side effects of the medications. We have designed a clinical platform, approach to adaptive trials, and clinical practice to overcome the limitations and restrictions imposed by over-specialization.


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